"Maria/Stuart" (Sideshow Theatre): Quirky to Whacked Out!

"Maria/Stuart" (Sideshow Theatre):  Quirky to Whacked Out!

Sideshow Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of Maria/Stuart. Grandma Ruthie uses dementia to grow old hatefully. The crusty old hag torments her family with unapologetic meanness. Her bitchy daughters Lizzie and Marnie have inherited their mom’s maternal skills. They smother and berate their own kids and each other’s. The third daughter Sylvia is the nice but crazy one. She has hooks for hands and still uses a fax machine. The dysfunctional family gathers to celebrate Grandma Ruthie’s birthday. Everyone is there for the big day including a shape shifter. The supernatural guest is determined to make the family face the ugly truth. Maria/Stuart starts out normal, morphsMary Anne Bowman and Susan Monts-Bologna star in Sideshow Theatre's "Maria/Stuart" by Jason Grote, directed by Marti Lyons. (photo credit: Jonathan L. Green)into quirky and then whacks out completely.

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