"Hughie" (Seanachai Theatre): Perfect Ramblings Pack a Wallop

"Hughie" (Seanachai Theatre):  Perfect Ramblings Pack a Wallop

Seanachai Theatre presents Hughie.  Erie Smith is a small-time gambler and big-time talker.  He’s coming off his most recent bender. He’s looking for the comforts of home.  He’s searching for his Hughie. Charley Hughes is the new replacement night clerk.  For years, Erie has returned home from his latest craps game or hook-up  to chat it out with Hughie, the old night clerk. Erie used to regale his tales of conquests to his trusted hotel sidekick. Hughie’s recent death has left Erie forlorn and friendless and without a sounding board.  What’s left of his life if he can’t get the new guy to listen? Hughie is the perfect ramblings of a lonely old man.

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