"Creditors" (Remy Bumppo): 'Comedy with a Vengeance'?! ...yeah, not so much

"Creditors" (Remy Bumppo):  'Comedy with a Vengeance'?!  ...yeah, not so much

Remy Bumppo Think Theatre presents Creditors. Three artists + two marriages = one big mess. Adolph is a temperamental painter. Gustav is a headstrong writer. Tekla is a flirtatious writer. Adolph worries that his wife doesn’t respect him and may be cheating on him. Gustav builds Adolph’s distrust with wild theories and accusations. Gustav pushes Adolph to stand up to his wife. Adolph crumbles under Gustav’s bullying. When Adolph gets tough with Tekla, the power shift causes trouble. Creditors is relational manipulation gone awry.

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