"The Emperor's New Threads (Lifeline Theatre): Spring Runway Hit!

"The Emperor's New Threads (Lifeline Theatre):  Spring Runway Hit!

The Emperor is addicted to clothes. He wants to dress for success. His outfits are over-the-top outrageous. And his Kingdom has caught his fashion fever. Everyone is rocking new and expensive outfits. To keep looking so good, the Emperor has issued a fashion tax. His well-dressed people must work more hours to keep their King and themselves vogue. One Kid has had it with the fashion trends. Her parents spend their days getting stylish. They don’t have time for their daughter. So, the Kid decides to pay a visit to the Emperor. She wants to convince him that clothes don’t make the man or the Kingdom. On her way to the palace, the Kid gets mixed up in a majestic scam. The Emperor’s New Threads: A Fashion Statement is this Spring’s runway hit!

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