"Lefties" (St. Sebastian Players): Needs Less To Be More

"Lefties" (St. Sebastian Players):  Needs Less To Be More

Saint Sebastian Players presents the world premiere of Lefties.  It’s 1930’s in Youngstown, Ohio.  Russian immigrants, Ivana and Vladimir, are raising their son during the Red Scare.  Vladimir has been targeted as a rebel for advocating for union workers.  His passionate appeal for social reform has labeled him a commie.  The country’s anti-Russian sentiment makes his employment sustainability questionable.  Still, he raises his son with a socialist philosophy and baseball fanaticism.  The one American ideal that Vladmir believes without question is the sport of baseball.  When his son, Alexi, becomes a star pitcher, prejudices threaten to destroy a family and a sports career.  Lefties leans too far to the write.

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