"La Boheme" (Lyric Opera): Wondrous!

"La Boheme" (Lyric Opera):  Wondrous!

Lyric Opera presents La Bohème.  It’s mid-19th century Paris.  A poet, a painter, a philosopher and a musician struggle for artistic expression and to pay the rent. After they charm and blackmail the landlord, they decide to head down to Cafe’ Momus. Trying to finish writing an article, Rodolfo promises to join them soon.  While he succumbs to writer’s block, a new muse knocks at his door. Mimi asks him to re-light her candle.  Their encounter flames into passion.  They are instantly in love. They pledge their eternal adoration. Fast forward to Act 3. After a month together, illness and boredom are unexpected complications to Rodolfo and Mimi’s romantic bliss. How can love survive a cold winter?  La Bohème enchants with timeless melodies.

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