"A Grand Night for Singing" (Mercury Theatre): Something Wonderful!

"A Grand Night for Singing" (Mercury Theatre):  Something Wonderful!

#16.  Do you believe in love at first sight? Rodgers & Hammerstein did!

The Mercury Theatre presents A GRAND NIGHT FOR SINGING.  This salute to Rodgers and Hammerstein features songs from their well-known classics.  Conceived by Walter Bobbie, the show cleverly sequences 27 songs from the R&H era.  Each of the songs seamlessly segues into the next.  A GRAND NIGHT FOR SINGING is one enchanted evening!

Do I love it because it’s beautiful or is it beautiful because I love it?!  Probably both!  My favorite musical growing up was R&H’s “Cinderella.”  I knew most all of the songs from these R&H classics like “Oklahoma,” “The King and I,” “South Pacific,” and “Carousel.”  They don’t write them like that anymore.  R&H were the maestros of heart-warming incantations.  And this show is spellbinding.  The only bad thing about A GRAND NIGHT FOR SINGING was me forcing myself *not* to sing out.  Luckily, I restrained myself primarily because I was transfixed by the charming cast of 5.  Marya Grandy, Robert Hunt, Leah Morrow, Stephen Schellhardt, and Heather Townsend energetically and harmoniously sing and dance their way through the list.  In-between and during songs, they do comedy bits that delightfully entertain.  Director Kevin Bellie keeps the tempo like a frothy romp.  This light tone is the perfect platform for one of the singers to step off into a torch song. The contrast ignites the theatre in passion.  I especially misted up during “Something Wonderful” because it was everything fabulous!

After seeing A GRAND NIGHT FOR SINGING, I once again believe in love at first sight.  I absolutely loved this show!  It was a flashback to simpler times when Rodgers & Hammerstein made us believe that anything was possible. That love happened to country bumpkins, strangers, and even Oklahomans. And because these daft and dewey-eyed dopes keep building up Impossible Hopes, Impossible things are happening every day!

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Running Time: One hour and fifty minutes includes an intermission

At Mercury Theater, 3745 N. Southport

Conceived by Walter Bobbie

Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

Composed by Richard Rodgers

Musical direction by Eugene Dizon

Directed by Kevin Bellie

Thursdays at 2pm and 7:30pm

Fridays at 8pm

Saturdays at 2pm and 8pm

Sundays at 2pm

Thru March 10th

Buy Tickets at www.mercurytheaterchicago.com

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