"Bud, Not Buddy" (Chicago Children's Theatre): Joyful Weeper!

"Bud, Not Buddy" (Chicago Children's Theatre):  Joyful Weeper!

Chicago Children’s Theatre presents Bud, Not Buddy.  Bud is a ten year old growing up in the Depression Era. Life has been rough for him.  His mama died four years ago.  The boys at the orphanage bully him.  Then, when his new foster family lock him in a shed, Bud decides to hit the road.  He’s leaving Flint, Michigan and heading to Grand Rapids.  Bud believes he’ll be reunited with his dad there.  Now, his mama never told Bud the name of his dad but he’s fairly certain it’s a jazz band leader called Herman Calloway. So, Bud heads on a journey to meet his destiny.  What he finds along the way is an unanticipated life.  Bud, Not Buddy is promoted as a show for children, ages 8+.  I found it to be perfect for adults too.  It has an old soul that requires four tissues minimum.

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