"Christmas in Chicago" (Fine Print Theatre): Serves Up Romney Roast for Holiday Feast

"Christmas in Chicago" (Fine Print Theatre): Serves Up Romney Roast for Holiday Feast

The Fine Print Theatre Company, with production support from the Chicago Commercial Collective, presents CHRISTMAS IN CHICAGO.  Teddy and Heidi are married to their work and each other.  Along with Archie, they are going to put up their annual holiday revue.  When the fourth in their entertaining quartet gets a show in NYC, Teddy finds a pretty little replacement named Tammi.  She can sing and act but what else is she up to?  Heidi believes Tammi will ruin her marriage.  Archie believes Tammi will ruin their show.  Relationships and show biz make everybody a little crazy around the holidays! CHRISTMAS IN CHICAGO is a show about putting on a holiday show where hidden political agendas add more nuts to the fruitcake.

This is the second year of Fine Print’s “Christmas in Chicago.”  The original show was cleverly written by Patrick Kenney and David Himmel.  The returning cast, Heather Brodie (Heidi), Tommy Beardmore (Teddy), A.J. Miller (Archie) joined by newcomer Taryn Wood (Tammi), bring their own improv style to heighten the comedy.  With director Aaron Graham and musical direction by Gwen Tulin, the ensemble tell jokes, sing songs, and build conspiracy theories.  The show is more year-in-revue than yuletide frolicking.  Multiple schticks are linked back to the presidential election last month.  Some of it feels slightly dated. Still funny but come on! Romney’s political career was a joke but it’s over. Time is up on his five months of fame as the punchline for comedians.

The ensemble, itself, is an upbeat and harmonious group of performers.  Brodie and Beardmore make a cute comedy duo.  Their marital synergy seems to be the functional dysfunction of an “I Love Lucy” parody.  Miller confidently interjects some well-timed one liners.   Although too soft-spoken at times, Wood brings the heartfelt warmth just in time for Christmas.  The best parts of the show has the cast coming together in melodious, gift-wrapped buffoonery.

CHRISTMAS IN CHICAGO is a last-call-Romney-roast!  He’s the founder of this holiday feast. It’s still tasty, homemade goodness.  The turkey is just slightly overdone.

Running Time:  Eighty minutes with no intermission

At Chicago Dramatists, 1005 W. Chicago

Written by Patrick Kenney and David Himmel

With additional improvisation by Heather Brodie, Tommy Beardmore, A.J. Miller abd Taryn Wood

Directed by Aaron Graham

Music direction by Gwen Tulin

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8pm

Sundays at 3pm

Thru December 23rd

Production photograph by Gretchen Kelley

Buy Tickets at www.thefineprinttheatre.org




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