Gentleman’s Rule Sing A Capella and Act Accordingly

Gentleman’s Rule Sing A Capella and Act Accordingly

 Reviewed by Jennie Siering

Going to see Gentleman’s Rule is not the experience that you typically associate with a night of traditional a capella.  The energetic group of 10 young men harmonizes well, using their voices as instruments and providing support for their own version of songs from all different genres and eras.  Music styles during the night ranged from country, to rap, to 80’s, and even to classical music.  Most of the members also took a turn in showcasing their solo abilities.  While the group is officially based on Chicago, the men are all from IU and, impressively, have only practiced as a group since mid 2011.  The group is currently on tour to promote the launch of their first album, Act Accordingly, which was recently released on November 13, 2012.

During the performance, the audience can expect to enjoy songs from the new album, which includes renditions of popular songs, along with two of the group’s originals.  In between sets, the young men use quirky humor, which at times could be corny, to joke with each other, engage with the audience, and generate laughs.  The breadth of talent in Gentleman’s Rule shown through in the variety of songs they were able to perform and through the cohesiveness of the group.  One of the biggest treats of the night was the group’s performance of The Pachanelly Canon, in which their producer, Dan Ponce, mixed together the classical favorite Pachelbel’s Canon with the hop-hop hit Ride Wit Me from the rapper Nelly.  The group not only blended the two songs together seamlessly, but also added their own style.  The official music video for the Pachanelly Canon is on YouTube, with already over 300,000 views.

As young artists, the members of Gentleman’s Rule look to have a promising career.  For a fun night full of music and chuckles, make sure to check out the group while they’re in Chicago.

At The Royal George Theater, 1641 North Halsted Street 

16 Performances Only: November 13-25, 2012  (the group will not perform on Thanksgiving)

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