"American Storm" (Theatre Seven): Whoa, Rein It!

"American Storm" (Theatre Seven):  Whoa, Rein It!

Theatre Seven of Chicago presents the professional world premiere of American Storm.  In 1962, a young horse surprises an entire town with his speed.  Sounds like the perfect holiday heart-warming story!?  Well, add in an autistic boy, a Kennedy-chasing socialite, an eating disorder jockey, a smart ass kid, a corporate guy, a government man, a vet, a trainer, a stable owner, the jockey’s wife, the jockey’s mother-in-law and her ex, who also works at the track. And then besides the actual horse race focus,  additional themes of the Cuban missile crisis, shootings and suicide, affairs, racial discrimination, perfume, and private enterprise vie for our attention.  There is a whole lot of story swirling around this stage.  American Storm is at blizzard conditions.

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