"Wrong Mountain" (Rare Terra Theatre): Brain-Teasing, Cerebral-Tickling, Mind Shifter

"Wrong Mountain" (Rare Terra Theatre):  Brain-Teasing, Cerebral-Tickling, Mind Shifter

When reporters get together, they make fun of bloggers.  They view bloggers as the deformed stepchild of the writers’ family.  They don’t believe an online presence gives bloggers the credentials to have an opinion.

Richard Sandoval and Meg Elliott star in Julie Partyka and Michael Dickson star in Rare Terra Theatre's "Wrong Mountain" by David Hirson, directed by Ian Streicher. (photo credit: Anthony Robert La Penna)Rare Terra Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of Wrong Mountain.  Something is eating at Henry Dennett.  Literally – there is a 40 lbs worm nesting inside him.   But that’s not as bad as the worm dating his ex-wife.  Dennett’s ex is living with a successful Broadway playwright.  As a published and arrogant poet, Dennett believes theatre is a mediocre form of art established for the pedestrian middle class. After all, plays are crap. So, Dennett bets the boyfriend that he can and will write a play that is produced within a year.  The poet vs playwright smackdown for $100K is on.  But on the way to showmanship, Dennett drinks the water. Wrong Mountain is the play within the play written by the playwright within the poet within the play.  It’s a brain-teasing, cerebral-tickling, mind-shifter.

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