"Wrens" (Rivendell Theatre): Loved These Birds!

"Wrens" (Rivendell Theatre):  Loved These Birds!

#179.  When I applied to college, we had to fill out an extensive questionnaire to be used for our dorm assignment.  It was a personality analysis.  It asked specific questions about life philosophies and sleeping habits.  The screening was thoroughly intimate.  When we arrived at school, we realized the matching was a little less scientific:  Julie and Julie, Michelle and Michelle, etc.  After the first semester, everyone ended up changing roommates.

Rivendell Theatre presents the revival of WRENS.  During WWII, 74,000 women served in the Women’s Royal Naval Service, performing over 200 jobs. Their enlistment changed the norms of society.  Women were needed in the workforce.  Their efforts became crucial to winning the war.  They became proficient in occupational skills.  And they learned how to live with a diverse group of women.  Gwyneth, Jenny, Doris, Cynthia, Dawn, Meg and Chelsea are sharing a room, a teapot and a secret.  All coming from different backgrounds, these seven women are forced to live together.  Alliances form. Protocols emerge.  Hairs curl.  After all, these women are at war.  WRENS soars as a heartwarming charmer.

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