"Iphigenia 2.0" (Next Theatre): Sacrifices Story for Spectacle

War?!  I don’t get it.  Video games?!  I don’t get those either.  Men focus for hours, days, years on intentional quests for bloodshed.  How can this possibly give any lasting satisfaction? The need to be victorious and superior over others is primarily a guy thing. And it’s been a *thing* throughout history.     

Laura T. Fisher and Nick Vidal star in Next Theatre' "Iphigenia 2.0" by Charles Mee, directed by David Kersnar. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)Next Theatre presents Iphigenia 2.0.  Agamemnon wants to lead his men into battle.  The purpose for the war has the soldiers skeptical.  To inspire their thirst for blood,  Agamemnon must make a personal sacrifice.  He must kill his daughter, Iphigenia.  He reluctantly agrees and lures his daughter to camp with promises of a wedding to Achilles.  The groom is stunned.  The bride is overjoyed.  And the mother of the bride is pissed.  This Greek classic gets a modern makeover. But does it work? Iphigenia 2.0 sacrifices story for spectacle.

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