"Illegal Use of Hands" (American Blues Theatre): Needs to Go Deeper or Funnier!

When I was a senior in high school, our football team sucked.  They won only two games in our final year:  homecoming and senior night.  Luckily, those were the most important ones.  But no matter the anticipated outcome, we were there.  We were there to cheer, to complain and to console.

Howie Johnson and Steve Key star in American Blues Theater's "Illegal Use of Hands" by James Still, directed by Sandy Shinner. (photo credit: Johnny Knight)American Blues Theater presents the world premiere of Illegal Use of Hands.  Roy and Cody went to the homecoming game and dance…twenty years after they graduated.  Roy is still a local.  Cody is just visiting.  Low attendance at the football game has awakened Roy’s anger.  He wants to blame someone for tonight’s loss and his entire miserable life.  He chooses the referee who made a questionable call twenty years ago.  Roy believes if he can get a confessional apology, he will finally get the life he deserves.  When he and Cody stumble into Wallace’s house, Roy thinks he’s found his way out of misery.  Illegal Use of Hands is a game where tough D doesn’t stop the offense from running constant interference.

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With her own memories of Indiana high school football, Ellen describes it with “needs a woman.”

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