EXTENDS Thru Nov 25th "Hamlet" (Writers' Theatre): Crazy Great!

EXTENDS Thru Nov 25th "Hamlet" (Writers' Theatre):  Crazy Great!

Family drama is always unpleasant!  But I try to keep it in perspective.   Was anyone stabbed, poisoned, or drowned at the family gathering?  Okay then, it wasn’t truly family drama.

Writers’ Theatre presents HAMLET.  The king is dead.  The queen is remarried.  The prince is mad.  The king’s ghost tells Hamlet that he was murdered. His own brother     Claudius killed him to take the crown and the queen. The news sends Hamlet into a wacko rampage.  He wants a confession and revenge.  His mother is concerned.  His girlfriend is bewildered.  His uncle is unfazed.  The combination response makes him lose it even more.  Writers’ HAMLET is a unique and unforgettable tale of a classic.

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