"Geography of a Horse Dreamer" (Mary Arrchie Theatre): Dissection of a Dreamer

"Geography of a Horse Dreamer" (Mary Arrchie Theatre): Dissection of a Dreamer

Dreaming is a powerful process.  The body goes into a resting state.  The brain uses the downtime to percolate on life happenings.  It sorts through unfinished business.  And it runs scenarios of possible outcomes.  I believe the mind predicts the future all the time.  The key is to remember the dreams.

Mary Arrchie Theatre presents GEOGRAPHY OF A HORSE DREAMER.  Cody has a special talent.  He predicts the outcome of horse races.  He dreams about the winning horse.  Because of his ability, he has been nabbed from his Wyoming life and held captive in a seedy motel.  Gamblers are cashing in on his giftedness.  When a losing streak threatens Cody’s continued existence, his captors encourage him to shift to dogs.  And that’s when the shift really hits the fan.  GEOGRAPHY OF A HORSE DREAMER is a dissection of a dreamer.

In the first act, Playwright Sam Shepard establishes a basic two thugs, one punk hostage situation.  And in act two, he takes his story into a surreal zone.  The ongoing  twists continue to shock right through the ending. Watching a play, I always enjoy the opportunity to say ‘I didn’t see that coming.‘ Rarely, do I say it three times.  Under the tight direction of Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, this story starts out with a steady trot, gallops around the bend, and then zig-zags vibrantly to the finish.

From the beginning, a hot-headed Mark Vallarta (Santee) and the amicable Rudy Galvan (Beaujo) set the tone for gangster stereotype.  A red-faced, fist-pounding Vallarta explodes as the bad-cop(hoodlum).  In contrast, good-cop (hoodlum) Galvan endears with a simplistic but profound delivery.  The center of attention, Gavin Robinson (Cody) goes from being chained to the bed to off-the-leash manic.  Robinson keeps the audience guessing to his real state of mind.  Kevin Stark’s (Fingers) arrival surprises.  A flamboyant Stark is completely opposite of his first act characterization.  A malicious Matt Rockwood (Doctor) disturbs with unemotional control.  The talented cast go the distance in this run for the roses.

Not so much a who-dunnit-crime-drama more like a what-the-hell-fantasy-play.  I came out of the theatre thinking this play is probably just like Sam Shepard.  His public persona seems pedestrian but than I see this show and realize this artist’s mind must be constantly racing with creative zaniness. His dream world must be completely f#cked up. Writing, directing, acting, GEOGRAPHY OF A HORSE DREAMER hits the trifecta.

Running Time:  Seventy-five minutes includes an intermission

At Angel Island, 735 W. Sheridan

Written by Sam Shepard

Directed by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8pm

Sundays at 7pm

Thru October 28th

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