"pool (no water)" (Vitalist Theatre): Shallow End of Deep

"pool (no water)" (Vitalist Theatre):  Shallow End of Deep

Better job, nicer clothes, hotter spouse, it’s always great when a friend succeeds.  Outwardly, we react to the news with grins and compliments.  We smile so broad it hurts.  We toast them with sugary, high-pitched exclamations.  Inwardly, there is the smallest, darkest part of our soul that is unhappy about it. We are envious.  And if our green monster starts to run with a pack of wolves, watch out!  Somebody is going to get hurt.

Vitalist Theatre presents the Midwest premiere of pool (no water).  Four artists celebrate the new gallery exhibit of their friend.  While they struggle with obscurity, she has easily advanced into celebrityhood. They are so happy for her… well, not really!  And one night, when she dives into an empty pool, their manifested jealousy emerges from below the surface.  The foursome believe it’s their turn.  They will finally get what they deserve.  At the deep end, pool (no water)plunges four characters into the dark side of self-discovery.  But on the shallow side, all the splashing makes it hard to understand what’s really going on.

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