"The Monument" (Idle Muse Theatre): Amy E. Harmon Kicks Ass!

"The Monument" (Idle Muse Theatre):  Amy E. Harmon Kicks Ass!

#151. I’ve been to the Holocaust Museum in DC.  The experience is mind-blowing and imperative.  This tribute to the atrocity of humankind is made personal with victim’s actual stories.  At the beginning of the tour, you are assigned a person’s name and at the end you find out your/their fate.  The history lesson becomes powerfully experiential. 

Stetko_Mejra_Forest_2Idle Muse Theatre presents The Monument.  Stetko is about to be executed for killing and raping 23 women.  Mejra is intervening.  She gives him a choice.  He can fry in the chair or be released to her custody.  If he comes with her, Stetko must obey her every command.  Does he want certain death or unknown life?  Stetko chooses Mejra.  And she is about to make him suffer for all his decisions.  The Monument dismantles a man’s psyche to construct the truth.

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