"Nickel History" (16th Street Theater and Firecat Productions): Playfully Nostalgic!

"Nickel History" (16th Street Theater and Firecat Productions):  Playfully Nostalgic!

#147.  In 2010, Tony Fitzpatrick drove This Train (our review) with in-your-face blustery arrogance. In 2011, a contemplative Fitzpatrick pulled into Stations Lost (review) with a companion and inspirational self discovery. Now, Fitzpatrick shares the stage with Stan Klein in a collaborative tribute to their dads in Nickel History.

Anna Fermin, from 16th Street Theatre and Firecat Project's "Nickel History: The Nation of Heat", written by Tony Fitzpatrick and Stan Klan, directed by Ann Filmer.16th Street Theater and Firecat Projectspresents Nickel History: The Nation of Heat.  Tony Fitzpatrick is an artist, a poet and an actor. And over the last three years, he combines all his passions into a vivid storytelling evening. In this third part of his trilogy, Fitzpatrick and his long-time friend, Stan Klein reflect on their dads. Fitzpatrick and Klein describe their fathers’ patriotic and conservative approach to raising sons. Nickel History: The Nation of Heat is a deconstruction of men’s lives through the lives of their sons.

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