"A Steady Rain" (Chicago Commercial Collective): Chicago Masterpiece Comes Home

"A Steady Rain" (Chicago Commercial Collective):  Chicago Masterpiece Comes Home

When I was a kid, I believed things were black and white.  Actions were right or wrong.  People were good or bad.  Growing up I’ve learned nothing is that simple.  Friendships have blended the colors.  Humans are complicated; loving them requires compromise.  And every time a friend starts down a path of destruction, I have to choose my role:  bystander or interloper.

Peter DeFaria as Joey and Randy Steinmeyer as Denny in Chicago Commercial Collective's "A Steady Rain" by Keith Huff, directed by Russ Tutterow. (photo credit: Jeff Pines)Chicago Commercial Collectivepresents A Steady Rain.  Joey and Denny are seasoned Chicago cops.  They’re partners.  They grew up together.  Their strong bond assures an unspoken alliance.  When Joey is boozing it up, Denny covers for him.  If Denny is shaking down hookers, Joey looks the other way.  Denny meddles in Joey’s love life.  Joey hangs out with Denny’s wife and kids. They are like brothers. When a pimp threatens his family, Denny goes on a rampage, Joey is caught in the crossfire.  Where should his allegiance lie?  To Denny?  To the force?  To Denny’s family?  A Steady Rain is the perfect storm this summer.

A man with his own shades of gray, Dick describes it with ‘amazing, riveting performances.’

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