"The Gacy Play" (Sideshow Theatre): Andy Luther is a Serial Killer! ...I'm just saying.

#138. As a single woman with skin that would make a nice dress, I’ve survived murder by putting people into two categories:  serial killers and the others. On the bus, at a restaurant, in the next door apartment: killers have to commute, eat, live… somewhere.   Being aware of this basic truth keeps me alive.  I continually separate myself from potential disaster through successful profiling followed by isolation. I’ll be ready to be interviewed by the media after my neighbor is caught in a carnage-spree.  I’ll finally get to say, “No, I’m not surprised.”

Deanna Boyd as Peg and Joe Mack as Tom in Sideshow Theatre's "The Gacy Play" by Calamity West. (photo credit: Jonathan L. Green)Sideshow Theatre presents the world premiere of The Gacy Play.  In 1994, John Wayne Gacy Jr. was executed by lethal injection.  His crime is killing at least 33 teenage boys and burying them under his home.  Before his unfathomable notoriety, Gacy was just an ordinary guy with a wife, friends, family and a strange household odor.  It’s Christmas, 1975.  Gacy is spending the holidays fighting with his wife, drinking with friends and talking with ghosts.  John Wayne is on his couch.  And three dead guys are in his basement.  The Gacy Play is a  holiday-in-the-life-of-a-sociopath.

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