"Cirque Shanghai Year of the Dragon" (Navy Pier): Phenomenal Triple-Dragon-Dare!

#121.  I got shanghaied for the first time last summer.  I went to see Cirque Shanghai Extreme(my review) in 2011.  The show was amazing.  For about the same price as an IMAX movie virtual experience inside, Cirque Shanghai Extreme provided a mind-blowing, live performance outside.  No 3-D glasses required, the action was in the flesh, in the room, and in the face… one act – literally- a few feet overhead.  I went into the 2012 show braced for a repeat, routine spectacle.  I am delighted to report about 75% of the show is new acts with the other 25% kicked up a notch with colorful twists.

Navy Pier, in conjunction with International Special Attractions, presents Cirque Shanghai: Year of the Dragon.  Chicago may not be hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics, but China still arrived in town to dominate.  And undeniably they go for the gold and the Windy City wins!  Cirque Shanghai starts and ends with oriental flourish.  The silk-covered pageantry is visually stunning.  The vibrant commencement "Cirque Shanghai: Year of the Dragon" at Navy Pier - don't miss it!and closing are Year of the Dragon mini parades.  In between these showcases are the thrilling showstopper acts.

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