tick, tick...BOOM! (Porchlight Theatre): Magnetic Aguilar Nonstop Dream Chaser

30!  It’s a big one.  It’s ten years out from being a teenager.  And there is a certain expectation that by the age of 30, career, marriage, finances should be established or stabilized or at least a focus.  That’s why, when I turned 30, I freaked out and moved from Indiana to Chicago without a job.

#99.  Adrian Aguilar, tick tick boom, Porchlight Theatre ChicagoPorchlight Music Theatre presents tick, tick…BOOM!  Jon is a composer. And his roommate is an actor.  His girlfriend is a dancer.  Ideally, this is how Jon sees it.  Technically, he’s a waiter.  His roommate is now a successful businessman.  And his girlfriend is considering a teaching job… in the suburbs.  Jon is preparing to workshop his new play “Superbia.”  This is it.  This is the moment to define his career.  Jon is putting extra pressure on “Superbia” to be his break-out hit because the clock is ticking.  tick, tick…BOOM! is the real life struggle of a man to hit it big before he turns 30.    

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