"Elephant's Graveyard" (Red Tape Theatre): Whimsical Memorial to Unexpected Truths

#108.  I’m not an animal person. I don’t want a dog, cat or fish. The only animal I’d like to acquire is a full-length mink coat.  Despite this lack of sensitivity to non-human species, zoos and circuses have always troubled me.  Animals held in captivity for people’s viewing pleasure just seems wrong.

Red Tape Theatre presents "Elephant's Graveyard" by George Brant, directed by James Palmer. Red Tape Theatre presents Elephant’s Graveyard.   A dying marshall is haunted by the ghosts of circus and town folk recounting the tragedy marring his career.  It’s 1916. The Sparks Circus rolled into Kingsport, Tennessee.  A vagabond named ‘Red’ was hired to help with the animals.  On September 12th, Red took Mary the Elephant for water between shows.  The accounts are conflicting.  But something happened that prodded Mary to pick up Red with her trunk and hurtle him to his death.  And on September 13th, while 2,500 people watched, the 5-ton Mary was executed by being hanged from a crane.  Elephant’s Graveyard is a fantastical tale of a historical happening.

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