"Devour" (20% Theatre Company): Couture Killer, is she or isn't she?

Kim and her Kardashian sisters. Paris and Nicki Hilton.  Ivanka Trump.  People magazine has snapshots of them. TMZ keeps tabs on them.   The world watches these gals have drinks, affairs, and breakdowns.  These ladies are all famous!  Not for their contributions to the betterment of humankind but because they’re rich or – more importantly – their parents are. And the public wants to see how the other half lives but mostly they want to gawk as ‘the privileged’ crash and burn.

Kristen Johnson and Lindsay Le Tigre Bartlett - Devour, Twenty Percent Theatre Chicago20% Theatre Company presents Devour.  Anais is in jail.  She has been charged with the triple deaths of her former boyfriends.  They all died mysteriously one night.  Nothing links Anais to the crime except her confessional letter that she sent to “Rolling Stone” magazine.  Her parents have hired the best lawyers to defend her innocence.  But Anais isn’t talking to anyone but the media.  As her defense team tries to piece together a plausible story of her guiltlessness, Anais continues to tell reporters that she did it.  Devour is the next generation of reality shows: “Housewives‘ Daughters of Malibu.”

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