"Arcadia" (New Leaf Theatre): New Leaf's Grand Finale!

“The aesthetic model that I was thinking of when we were talking about the decision to close was the last frame of Calvin and Hobbes. That way of ending a mission and completing a body of work…so the work will always have integrity and it won’t seep away or we won’t try and change it into something else.”  
Nick Keenan, Ensemble Member, TimeOut Chicago, June 2012

#110.  After performing for Chicago for more than a decade, New Leaf Theatre will permanently go dark on June 16th.  Before they leave *the party* for destinations unknown, New Leaf is giving our city one more chance to experience their theatrical gift.  This show is a dignified and profound finale to New Leaf’s extensive body of work.  And they serve it upA scene from New Leaf Theatre's "Arcadia" by Tom Stoppard, directed by Jessica Hutchinson. (photo credit: Tom McGrath)with tea and biscuits.

New Leaf Theatre presents Arcadia.  At Sidley Park, a country home in England, literature, science, and relationships are discussed at two different times:  1809 and modern day.  Same house. Same subjects. Different time periods.  In the past, Thomasina is theorizing determinism. Septimus is probing Mrs. Chater.  Lady Croom is plotting a garden makeover.  And Lord Byron is in the house…in theory.  Fast forward two hundred years, Hannah is theorizing the hermitage.  Bernard is probing Chloe.  Valentine is plotting grouse migration. And Lord Byron is in the house…in theory. The present day folks use snippets of information to piece together history.  Arcadia is an exquisite tribute to learning from the past.

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