EXTENDED Thru May 27th "Little Shop of Horrors" (Street Tempo): Killer-Comedy Musical...Abso-Bloody-lutely!

EXTENDED Thru May 27th "Little Shop of Horrors" (Street Tempo):  Killer-Comedy Musical...Abso-Bloody-lutely!

Downtown, where the folks are broke.  Downtown, where your life’s a joke. 

Downtown, when you buy your token, you go, home to skid row.

#78.  Street Tempo, in conjunction with Stage 773, presents LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.  Life on Skid Row sucks…especially for Seymour.  Business is abysmal.  His boss is even worse. Seymour might lose his job.  And if the shop closes, he won’t see Audrey anymore.  And Seymour is crushing hard on his co-worker.  How can a shy guy grow into a hero?  Plant food!  Seymour nurtures an exotic plant that attracts business.  This plant talks.  This plant climbs.  This plant eats … and it isn’t a vegetarian.  LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is a killer-comedy musical…Abso-bloody-lutely!

For Street Tempo’s second show in their inaugural season, they go downtown!  The musical based on a 1960’s film that later became a 1986 musical movie is a satirical salute to the horror genre.  Under the co-direction of Brian Posen and Kory Danielson, this LITTLE SHOP offers up some twists on the cult classic.  It goes darker and funnier.  At the focal point, the plant, Audrey 2 is a woman, Candace C. Edwards.  With impressive physicality, Edwards sings and scales the wall… while facing the audience.  Wow!  The combination of trellis, costume and make-up (Dave Ferguson –scenic, Kate Murphy- plant costume, Laura Wilson-make-up) blends an ever-present Edwards into the background until she is feeding.  The visual is intriguing.    The other major change is a guy among the gals.  The harmoniously sublime trio of urchins has a drag queen.  Will Hoyer joins Sharriese Hamilton and Krystal Metcalfe in a sassy tribute to 60’s girl groups.  They strut and sound fabulous!

Whereas the urchins were naturally audio-astic, some of the microphoned cast sounded muffled over the music.  Unfortunately, the leads Erin Creighton (Audrey) and John Sessler (Seymour) struggled to be heard.  In particular, a soft-spoken Creighton had a distinct and delightful delivery but I couldn’t always hear it.

Still, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is as fun as life gets on Skid Row.  It’s a raunchy romp with plenty of attitude and laughs.   You should plant yourself in a seat for the next feeding.

Whistling and applauding loudly, Shawn describes the show with ‘loved the urchins.’

Running Time:  Two hours includes an intermission

At Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont

Based on the film by Roger Corman, screenplay by Charles Griffith

Book and lyrics by Howard Ashman

Music by Alan Menken

Co-directed by Brian Posen and Kory Danielson

Musical direction by Kory Danielson

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8pm

Sundays at 3pm

EXTENDED Thru May 27th

Buy Tickets at www.streettempotheatre.com


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