"La Musica" (Salomee Speelt): How Sophisticated Couples Fight

"La Musica" (Salomee Speelt):  How Sophisticated Couples Fight

#87.  I’ve recently seen a plethora of plays where angst is a f#cking rampage of expletives.  Relationships are discussed at explosive levels of screaming.  It makes for great drama.  I get exactly what the reigning feeling is.  But is it really real life conversations or theatrical entertainment?  I do have a friend who regularly expresses frustration with an R-rated vocabulary… but he’s an actor.

Salomee Speelt presents a world premiere translation of LA MUSICA.  A man and woman rendezvous at a hotel.  They have a past.  But do they have a future?  During their tryst, secrets reveal some answers and pose more questions.  LA MUSICA is how sophisticated couples fight.

Translating from Marguerite Duras’ story, Adaptor Alice Austen pulls out the essences of this couple’s relationship. The dialogue is refined. The conversation is civil.  The relationship is repairable?!  Director Noemi Schlosser paces the show with quiet determination. Will this couple work it out?  The question remains active throughout the show. It’s as much about what the characters are saying as what they aren’t saying.  A titillating Elizabeth Laidlaw (her) and stone-faced John Gray (him) are the dueling couple.  But there is no smoking gun!  Only live ammo being handled by experienced, emotionless professionals.  Laidlaw and Gray drop bombshells like sugar cubes at high tea.  They stir it up with a cultured but manipulative hand.  They know how each other takes their tea… and it’s multiple lumps.  There is a sexual energy that ripples just underneath the conversation.  The sensuality is tepid but always present.

LA MUSICA is performed with Randall Carpenter playing a saxophone.  It’s exactly the bluesy kind of soundtrack that you’d want playing in the bar if you weren’t certain if it’s break-up or hook-up.   LA MUSICA is a perfect no frills-no thrills date night, whether it’s a first one or a last one.

Running Time:  Fifty minutes with no intermission

At Alliance Francaise de Chicago, 54 W. Chicago

Based on “La Musica” written by Marguerite Duras

Adapted by Alice Austen

Directed by Noemi Schlosser

At 7pm on April 28th, May 4th, 5th, 7th, 11th, 12th

Ticket includes a complimentary glass of wine

Buy Tickets at www.brownpapertickets.com or by phone 646.469.7992

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