Z Hotel Soho is a London Gem!

Z Hotel Soho is a London Gem!

Z Hotel Soho, 17 Moor Street is in the perfect locale for tourists.  It is literally across the street from the Palace Theatre.  It’s also just a few blocks from the Underground’s Leicester Square (the transit system from Heathrow).  Theatres, restaurants, bars, shops are walkable in this neighborhood.  During the day, it’s a quieter area that beckons for tourists to stroll along the tree lined streets.  At night, the pubs and bars spill out their doors with a friendly, high-energy nightlife.

The entrance to Z Hotel is nestled between a pub and a restaurant.  If you weren’t looking for it, you might miss it.  The boutique hotel doors open into a mini reception area with a bar.  Just beyond that is the check-in desk.  Upon arrival, the ambiance is hospitable.  Throughout our stay, every staff member went out of their way to be helpful.  It was more like an oversize bed and breakfast than a hotel.  The focus on service was apparent from desk clerk to cafe host to housekeeper.

I stayed in Room 109.  It was on the second floor overlooking Moor Street.  I did have some issues with noise at night from the pub revelry below.  The first two nights were challenging but I eventually got use to it.  Shawn was on the fourth floor and wasn’t bothered by any street noise.

The room itself is a modern efficiency marvel.  It’s cruise ship small and completely functional. It’s impressive how effective the condensed layout is.  The bed is between the wall and the shower.  The shower, sink and toilet are behind a sliding glass door.  Their area is about the size of a walk-in closet.  There are plenty of plush towels and the water pressure is strong and hot.

The bed is probably a little smaller than American *full size* and it is firm.  There is a space below the bed to store a suitcase.  This works well because there is no closet.  There are hooks on the door and I hang up my coats there. But I keep the rest of my clothes in my suitcase tucked under the bed.  There is also a bed stand that I place my tourist books, loose change and odds and ends.  On it also, the hotel provides a bottle of distilled water, replaced daily, and a coffee pot.  The size of the room is perfect for me.  I’m not sure I would feel comfortable sharing it with someone else.  It might make me claustrophobic.   Each room is suppose to have wi-fi but my signal doesn’t work.  To check email, I take my laptop out to the patio.

The patio was my favorite feature of this hotel.  It’s an open air court yard on the second floor.  Plenty of lounge chairs, patio umbrellas and heat lamps make it an inviting gathering spot.  I use it for the wi-fi access during the day.  At night, Shawn and I enjoy a nightcap.  It’s the perfect alternative to visiting in each other’s rooms.

Z Hotel Soho IS an urbanite stay.  I would highly recommend it to tourists, especially those planning on experiencing London theatre.

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