"The Price" (Raven Theatre): Writing, Acting, Directing Makes "The Price" Right!

The Price, Raven Theatre - JoAnn Montemurro, Leonard Kraft, Chuck Spencer

#50. Family ties bind.  Being tethered to something substantial with a past and a future can be comforting.  Sometimes, the rope can threaten to choke the life out of you.  Other times, the connection can be so frayed and worn that one good yank could sever it forever.

Raven Theatre presents The Price.  Victor has always made sacrifices.  He became a caretaker and protector for his father, his wife and the community.  He’s a good cop living on measly wages.  The building storing his childhood memories is being torn down.  Victor has solicited Mr. Solomon to assess the value of decades of  accumulation.  Victor’s wife Esther is pushing him to get a good price.  Esther wants Victor to get what *they* deserve.  Just as Victor is finalizing on the deal, Victor’s brother Walter arrives.  Walter is a successful doctor and the prodigal son.  Despite mega efforts to contact Walter, Victor hasn’t heard from him in sixteen years.  What is the value on brotherhood?  And how much is enough?  The Price is a negotiation of childhood resentment, sibling rivalry and family envy.

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A subscriber in the making, Tom describes it with ‘intense human struggles.’

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