"The Fall of Man" (The Right Brain Project): Sexually-Charged Deconstruction

"The Fall of Man" (The Right Brain Project):  Sexually-Charged Deconstruction

#64.  I’ve casually observed the beginnings of a relationship.  Fixed gaze.  Flowery prose. Uncertain closeness.  I’ve uncomfortably been witness to the end of a relationship.  Laser eyes.  Cruel jabs.  Infinite distance.  I’ve just never been a spectator for the start, the close and the stuff in-between.

The Right Brain Project presents THE FALL OF MAN.  Peter is a husband, a father with the heart of a poet.  Veronica is an immigrant, a housekeeper with the soul of a painter.  Peter employs Veronica.  A mutual appreciation for artistic expression draws them together.  Innocent flirtation leads to a love affair followed by a reality aftermath.   THE FALL OF MAN is a sexually-charged deconstruction of the roles people play.

In the cozy confines of the 24-seat theatre, The Right Brain Project stages a play like a virtual reality experience.  For this show, benches surround a bed.  Under the direction of Adam Webster, the action takes place around, on and in the bed.  It’s as intimate as you would ever want to be as a non-participant in a sexual tryst.  Playwright Jonathan Holloway features poetic passages written by John Milton in the seduction.  Both Corey Noble (Peter) and Anna Robinson (Veronica) flirt with intellectual sensuality.  Later, Noble continues reciting his scholarly musings as a crass-speaking Robinson gives him a blow job. Watching the relationship crumble within an emotional 45 minute free fall is fascinating!  Robinson impressively transforms from timid to shrew.  Noble is less obviously changed which is much more disturbing.  Was there love or just opportunity?

THE FALL OF MAN is a provocative exploration of intellectualizing and romanticizing lust.  The Right Brain Project is offering the experience without an established ticket price.  Patrons are asked to make a donation using the envelop in their program.  It’s kind of like paying for sex but this time, it’s worth it.

Sharing my front-bench-end-of-the-bed view, Tom describes it with ‘intense…uncomfortable…awkward.’

Running Time:  Forty-five minutes with no intermission

At Right Brain Project Theatre, 4001 N. Ravenswood

Written by Jonathan Holloway and John Milton

Directed by Adam Webster

Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8pm

Thru April 7th

More information at www.therpb.org.

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