"The Convert" (Goodman Theatre): Life Altering!

#51.  I recently read “The Known World” by Edward P. Jones. It’s an epic American tale of slavery in the 1800’s. It’s a great read that has lingered with me. I was completely bewildered to read about freed slaves owning slaves. That anyone thought slavery was okay is disconcerting. That the oppressed would become the oppressors to their own people is unthinkable.

Pascale Armand (Jekesai/Ester) is content with her new life as a Christian in the world-premiere co-production of The Convert by Danai Gurira, directed by Emily Mann.Goodman Theatre, in conjunction withMcCarter Theatre Center and Center Theatre Group, presents a world premiere production of The Convert. In 1895 South Africa, Jekesai’s uncle is planning her arranged marriage…to him. Instead of being forced to become one of his wives, Jekesai seeks shelter in the home of a missionary. Chilford Chiredzi is a recovering *savage.* At nine, he left home to study to become a priest. Now, he no longer speaks his tribal language. He speaks perfect British English. And he is on a mission from God to convert all the native pagans to English-speaking Catholics. Jekesai agrees to sell her soul to Jesus to escape her uncle. Chilford renames her Ester and she is *born again.*

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