"Tammy: Coming of Age..." (Corn Productions): LMAO!

A scene from Corn Productions' "Tammy: A Coming of Age Story..." by Julia Weiss, directed by Annaliese Toft.

#46.  I look back on my youth with relief.  I survived it.  Everything is a big deal.  Nothing is easy.  Someone is always judging… peers, teachers, parents.  There is no escaping the public and personal scrutiny.  Being a kid sucks.  And to kick the misery up a notch, puberty arrives to make life more out of control.

Corn Productions presents world premiere of Tammy: A Coming of Age Story about a Girl Who Is Part T-Rex. Tammy is in middle school.  She wants to be cool.  She wants to have friends.  She wants Cliff to like-like her.  The problem is she’s different.  Her only friend is Hope.  And Cliff is one of the most popular kids in school.

Tammy isn’t the average preteen.  She eats raw meat.  She has a tail.  And when she gets upset, she is muzzled for growling.  Tammy is part *real girl* and part dinosaur.Tammy: A Coming of Age Story…has plenty of human heart and tyrannosaurus-size laughs.  Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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