"Falling: A Wake" (Rivendell Theatre Ensemble): Quirky Love Story

Jane Baxter Miller (Elsie), Mark Ulrich (Harold) and Will Crouse (Boy)

#56. In the movie “Crash,” there is an unforgettable statement: ‘we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something.‘   I believe that’s true.  People go about their daily routines with suppressed emotions.  It takes the jolt of an unexpected impact to release feelings.

Jane Baxter Miller (Elsie), Mark Ulrich (Harold) - Rivendell, Falling A WakeRivendell Theatre Ensemble presents the Midwest premiere of Falling: A Wake.  In the middle of the night, an airplane explodes over a sleepy Canadian village.  A shocked couple must deal with the remains in their yard.  As they await first responders to the crash site, the couple muse about their life, their love and their loss.  Falling: A Wake starts out explosive but levels out into a gentle lulling story.

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