"The Gingerbread House" (Red Tape Theatre): Disturbing Aftertaste!

#30. “What are you doing Friday night?”  I use to respond excitedly with ‘Nothing!  Why?’  Now, I force myself to evaluate the source of the inquiry.  Friends with kids?!  I’ve learned that what use to mean a fun outing sometimes translates to a babysitter request.  I’ve trained myself to just ask ‘why?‘    “Kids won’t change my life!”  I’ve heard that sentiment multiple times.  I use to believe it.  My experience dictates otherwise.  It changes everything…forever.

Meghan Reardon - Red Tape Theatre - The Gingerbread HouseRed Tape Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of The Gingerbread House.  Brian and Stacy are married.  They have two kids.  Brian hates being a father.  Stacy is tired of being of a mother.  Brian brings in his friend Marco to convince Stacy to sell their kids.  Marco makes a strong case that everybody will be more happy with the deal.  Brian and Stacy will have their dream life and extra cash.  The kids will live an intercontinental life in a mansion in Albania.  And this rich couple with no children will have a family.  It’s a win-win-win!  Is it that easy to walk away from motherhood?  Stacy is haunted by seller’s remorse.  The Gingerbread House looks enchanting but has a disturbing aftertaste.

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