"The Foreigner" (Provision Theater): Adorable!

"The Foreigner" (Provision Theater):  Adorable!

#32.  I am still haunted by a Flannery O’Connor story that I read thirty years ago.  “The Displaced Person” is about a foreigner transplanted to Georgia as a farmhand.  He is treated as an outcast.  He keeps to himself.  People hate him because they don’t know who is.  And the ending… yikes!

Provision Theater presents The Foreigner.  Charlie is a dull Englishman.  His marriage is in the toilet.  His wife is cheating and dying on him.  His best mate Froggy books him an escape at a homey lodge.  Froggy knows the owner Betty.  Charlie hesitates because he dreads any human interaction.  Froggy promises Charlie solitude.  He tells Betty that Charlie is a foreigner and doesn’t speak English.  Instead of avoiding him, Betty and the other guests are captivated.  Before Charlie can confess the truth, he has become a confidante, pupil and beloved.  For Charlie, living a lie is living the life… until he’s a target of the Klan.  Will his secret kill him? The Foreigner is a charming comedy about the magic of kindness.

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