"The Fisherman" (Stage Left Theatre): Casts Line Into Shark Pool


A scene from Stage Left Theatre's "The Fisherman" by Jayme McGhan. (photo credit: Johnny Knight)

I always knew when my dad had been fishing.  He smelled like pipe tobacco and bass.  There were leftover old-fashion doughnuts on the kitchen counter and fish for dinner.  And life was good.

Stage Left Theatre presents the world premiere of The Fisherman.  The Twins are losing.  The carp are biting.  The beer is cooling.  For Chucky and Carl, those are the essentials in their retirement plan.  The brothers have been working all their life toward that goal.  They even invested in lake property.  When their company declares bankruptcy, five hundred people lose their retirement.  The brothers, their friends and colleagues are screwed.  Their lifetime of work has been for nothing. Carl decides to take action.  His decision changes everything.  The Fisherman casts his line into the shark pool.

Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.  Please note I attended a preview and not the official press opening.

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