"Kill Me" (Wildclaw Theatre): More Heart-tugging Horrific than Hair-raising Horror!


Michaela Petro, Sasha Gioppo, Casey Cunningham - WildClaw

I caught my seventy year old dad trying to cut down a tree limb.  He was standing on the top of a ladder with a chainsaw over his head.  I recently got broadsided by a van.  I was riding my bike.  What’s worse, being the bystander or the victim?  The obvious answer is victim.  But the more I think about it, the more I realize watching a loved one make destructive choices hurts much more.

WildClaw Theatre presents the world premiere of Kill Me.  Cam was in a car accident.  Her injuries resulted in a coma.  She woke up feeling invincible.  Her sister Wendy and her lover Grace worry about her.  Cam is talking about unbelievable things.  She thinks that her ‘death was taken away.‘  She wants Wendy and Grace to believe her. She is rationalizing killing herself to prove it.  Cam is surrounded by Paranoia, Dread, Angst, and Despair.  And her demons are trying to suck the life out of her loved ones. Is Cam in hell?  Or is it in her head?  Or is it all a dream?  Kill Me is a fantasy nightmare for the believer and the disbelievers.

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A fan of the horror genre, Rick describes it with ‘dreams dark despair.’






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