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EXTENDED Thru March 11th "DISGRACED" (American Theater Company): MUST SEE!

#22. When I was in Morocco, I was sensitive to the Muslim culture.  I stayed covered up.  I didn’t wear a burka but I did wear long sleeves, pants and a scarf around my neck.  One day on a crowded street, I got separated from my group.  A young local confronted me hissing and shrilling... Read more »

"Motion" (Signal Ensemble): A Winner!

#21.  Next Sunday’s Super Bowl officially ends the football season.   The last tailgate party will be pulling out of the lot.  Suddenly, fans will find time on their clock as they get benched.  Where can diehards go for a post-season football fix? Signal Ensemble Theatre presents the world premiere of Motion.  Diane is the new GM for... Read more »

"The Houdini Box" (Chicago Children's Theatre): Marvelously Magical!

#19.  I’m a big fan of magic!  It’s an inarguable explanation for anything.  What makes my computer work?  Magic! How did she know to call?  Magic! Where did that cookie go?  Magic!  I could have gotten a liberal arts degree at Hogwarts.  I’m completely satisfied with *magic* being the answer to any question. Chicago Children’s... Read more »

"Time Stands Still" (Steppenwolf Theatre): Not Quite Picture Perfect!

"Time Stands Still" (Steppenwolf Theatre):  Not Quite Picture Perfect!
#20.  A starving child and vulture photograph has haunted me for 25+ years.  The photographer captured a startling image.  The bird was waiting for the kid to die.  The prize-winning picture was truly thought-provoking.  It illustrated severe hunger in far corners of the earth. The powerful imagery also made people question if a vulture took the... Read more »

"RACE" (Goodman Theatre): Envelop-pushing, Thought-provoking, Stomach-churning Earful!

"RACE" (Goodman Theatre):  Envelop-pushing, Thought-provoking, Stomach-churning Earful!
#18.  I’ve had to fire two people in my career.  It’s always difficult.  The ick factor is a chart buster.  On one of the occasions, my former employee tried to sue me for racial discrimination.  He had no case and it was dismissed.  But the idea still haunts me.  How are my actions and words... Read more »

Chicago Theatre Off Book Chats to Hell in a Handbag, about Lookingglass and MORE!

Chicago Dramatists, and Collaboraction.  In addition, we chat about comedy with David Cerda from Hell in a Handbag and almost with Kelly Leonard from Second City.  And of course, we have a new Got A Minute? segment from a local playwright.  Have a listen!  Plus, don’t forget to pick your favorite among the five finalists with  HONOR AWARDS 2011. This episode of Chicago Theatre Off Book was partially underwritten... Read more »

"THE FEAST: an Intimate Tempest" (Chicago Shakespeare Theater): Dazzling Infusion of Creative Cuisine!

"THE FEAST: an Intimate Tempest" (Chicago Shakespeare Theater):  Dazzling Infusion of Creative Cuisine!
#17.  “It all looks so good.  I’ll have everything on the menu.”  In my server days, this overused comment drove me crazy.  I just wanted people to order quickly and efficiently A meal.  It was not their last meal, it was just A meal.  Only now in my non-servitude life am I able to grasp... Read more »

"The Girl in the Yellow Dress" (Next Theatre): Simplistically, Complex Stunner!

"The Girl in the Yellow Dress" (Next Theatre):  Simplistically, Complex Stunner!
#16.  So this guy approached me in the dairy section of the grocery store.  Initially, he asked me my favorite yogurt brand.  I brushed it off with ‘whatever I have a coupon for’ and kept moving down the aisle.  He started following me.  He said that he had been noticing me in the neighborhood.  He... Read more »

"Invisible Man" (Court Theatre): Bougere Gives a Magnificently, Exhausting Performance!

#15. I read and saw “The Help.”  I enjoyed both.  After my friend Steve saw it, we chatted about a pivotal scene.  I explained how the book had described it.  Steve said that he should have read the book.  I disagreed that that was a necessity.  The novel and the movie were successful stand alone... Read more »

"Clutter" (MadKap Productions): Visual Filthy Ick and Sweet Brotherly Shtick!

#12.  I’m an obsessive compulsive minimalist.  I don’t like clutter!  I have no collections.  I discard junk with a garbage sensibility.  My friends and family don’t strive for the same un-adornment.  Usually, their daily life choices don’t effect me. But, their true hoarding nature becomes troublesome when I’m helping them move.  I threw out seven... Read more »