EXTENDED Thru March 11th "Megacosm" (A Red Orchid Theatre): Sci-Fi, Corporate Corruption, Comedy!

David Steiger as Sam and Danny McCarthy as Britt in A Red Orchid Theatre's "Megacosm" by Brett Neveu. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)

#9.  When I got the collateral press material on Megacosm, there wasn’t a lot of description.  When I chatted with Playwright Brett Neveu a couple days before the premiere, there wasn’t a lot of description.  When I saw Megacosm, there was a surprise with ‘stunning implications!’

A Red Orchid Theatre presents the world premiere of Megacosm.  Chris has a new invention.  Britt is the man in charge of product development.  Francis is Chris’  neighbor and Britt’s colleague.  She arranges for Chris and Britt to meet. Outside the company walls, an uprising threatens operations.  Inside the work place, espionage suspicions endanger lives.  Into this tumultuous environment, Chris opens a box to reveal his startling and disturbing creation… Megacosm.  What is a Megacosm?  A Sci-Fi, corporate corruption, comedy!

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