"Love and Money" (Steep Theatre): Steep Does Masterpiece Theatre!

#11.  ‘What I did for love, what I did for love.‘  Romantics versus capitalists?  There’s no contest.  Public support favors people’s idiotic antics in pursuit of love.  It’s easy to get behind some fool whipped into a frenzy over a guy or gal.  What wouldn’t you do for someone you loved?  How much of yourself could you afford to give up for them?  At what price does the love stop?

Steep Theatre presents the Midwest Premiere of Love and Money.  David hooked up with a colleague.  She is attracted to his charming sincerity. He bumbles his way through some email communiques.  She pushes him to be completely honest with her.  He hesitates.  She coerces.  He spills his guts.  David details the horrific ending to his wife’s life.  The truth ends the new affair and starts a flashback of the marriage.  When did the love stop and the greed start?  Love and Money spirals backwards to show Steep Theatre presents Love and Moneythe deconstruction of a marriage.

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