EXTENDED Thru March 11th "DISGRACED" (American Theater Company): MUST SEE!

#22. When I was in Morocco, I was sensitive to the Muslim culture.  I stayed covered up.  I didn’t wear a burka but I did wear long sleeves, pants and a scarf around my neck.  One day on a crowded street, I got separated from my group.  A young local confronted me hissing and shrilling inches from my face.  My scarf had loosened to reveal my neckline.  And in his eyes, I was a disgrace.

Usman Ally (Amir), Lee Stark (Emily), Behzad Dabu (Abe/Hussein), Alana Arenas (Jory), Benim Foster (Isaac) in American Theater Company's "Disgraced" by Ayad Akhtar. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)American Theater Company presents the world premiere of Disgraced.  Amir is a recovering Muslim.  He has renounced his religious roots.  He’s working for partnership in his law firm.  Emily is his white wife.  She is an artist working on a Muslim-influenced series.  Isaac is a gallery owner.  He wants to exhibit Emily’s collection.  He is Jewish.  His wife, Jory, is black and also a lawyer at Amir’s firm.   Their common interests bring them together for dinner.  Their differences ensure it’s their last supper.  Disgraced is an unforgettable dinner party.

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