"Clutter" (MadKap Productions): Visual Filthy Ick and Sweet Brotherly Shtick!

#12.  I’m an obsessive compulsive minimalist.  I don’t like clutter!  I have no collections.  I discard junk with a garbage sensibility.  My friends and family don’t strive for the same un-adornment.  Usually, their daily life choices don’t effect me. But, their true hoarding nature becomes troublesome when I’m helping them move.  I threw out seven jars of pickle relish from my sister Jenny’s refrigerator.  My friend Sue had both her expansive Precious Moments and teddy bear collections and no boxes.  But the worst was Madame X.  Her floor was littered with dirty clothes, magazines, takeout plastic utensils and various unwanted debris. X is the kind of person who buys new underwear instead of doing laundry. As I was *raking* her house, I kept trying to grasp how someone could live with all that crap.

Joe Mack as Sgt. Reilly Dolan in MadKap Productions' "Clutter" by Mark Saltzman. (photo credit: Peter Coombs)MadKap Productions presents the Midwest premiere of Clutter: The True Story of the Collyer Brothers Who Never Threw Anything Out.  In 1947, an anonymous tip reports the death of Homer Collyer.  The police enter the Fifth Avenue mansion and find the body.   They also find tons of junk!  Homer and his brother Langley have accumulated a houseful of rubbish.  The eccentric duo stockpiled their home with newspapers, pianos, dressmaking dummies, a Model T and other lifelong memorabilia.     Homer’s death has brought a hoarding intervention and a murder investigation.  Where is Langley?  Two brothers on the police force sort through the lives of two recluse brothers.  Clutter looks for brotherly love underneath all the other crap.  Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.


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  • E.L. Doctorow wrote about the Collyer brothers in a novel called "Homer & Langley". Newsday said it was "a twentieth-century epic in microcosm."

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Good tip! The play really just whett my whistle to what Homer & Langley might have been like. I'd like to know more.

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