CEYX Series (Halcyon Theatre): Save The Date -Feb 6th!

#4. What are you doing February 6th?  Monday night football will be over.  And it’s that time of the month….

On the first Monday of the month, Halcyon Theatre presents the CEYX Series.  It’s a variety show of local talent.  The hodge-podge of artistry is hosted by married Artistic Directors Jennifer and Tony Adams.  For the January line-up, there was a little singing, a little dancing, and a little clowning.  Th show also had a storyteller, a poet and a rock band.  The eclectic program made for a fast-moving evening.

It was fun to see performers in another realm.  Trap Door Theatre Actress Sadie Rogers, looking like Lisa Loeb, played guitar and sang songs…some original pieces.  In addition, Chicago Danztheatre had three soloists perform very different pieces.  Danztheatre’s mission is combining acting elements with dance.  I was particularly impressed with the mime-like movement.  His simple hand gesture or footstep showed incredible body control.  Wow!  And I never thought I would say this but ‘there is nothing like a clown stripping.’ A red-nosed Kira Silverstein did a hilarious striptease. Silverstein’s facial expressions were fantastically wondrous.  It was fun!  The entire evening was  Chicago-style entertainment.  The playful cabaret was rounded out with Kevin Gladish (storyteller), Milta Ortiz (performance poet), and Diego Sol and the Metronomes (band).

In between acts, the Adams did a little banter with the performers.  There was a lot of I-met-so-and-so-when-I-was-auditioning, Tony-use-to-live-with-so-and-so, we-use-to go-with-so-and-so-to-Friar-Tucks.  I loved that!  The personal linkages emphasized Chicago has a theatre *community.*  It also made the show feel like we were hanging out in the Adams’ living room.  The CEYX Series is an innovative collaboration of individual artistry for a collective spectacle.

Returning to the spotlight soon (hopefully), Tom describes it with ‘eclectic talent showcase.’

Running Time:  One hour and fifty minutes includes an intermission

Greenhouse Theatre, 2257 N. Lincoln

Hosted by  Jennifer and Tony Adams

First Monday of the month at 7:30pm

More information at www.halcyontheatre.org

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