2011 HONOR AWARDS: Your vote countED!

The second annual HONOR AWARDS will recognize the best of the best in 2011 theatre.  You’ve already read the lists from area theatre critics.  You’ve listened to Joshua J. Volkers count them down on Chicago Theatre Off Book .   Off Book featured my top ten along with Bob Bullen from Chicago Theatre Addict and Chicago Like A Local  and Kris Vire from TimeOut .  NOW, it’s your turn to pick from the finalists!

In 2011, I, Katy Walsh, personally saw 247 shows in Chicago.  I cried. I laughed. I clapped…loudly!  Chicago is a mecca of high value artististic entertainment.  Broadway is just one street.  We have a community of theatrical collaboration.   Spectacular!  Spectacular!  So, I re-read all my 2011 reviews to pick out the shining moments.  I composed them into the nominee list HONOR AWARDS 2011.  Through a two-tier voting system, we got to the BEST in 14 categories.  The first round of voting has ended. The selection of the five finalists in each category has been decided.  Second round of voting ended February 10th.  HONOR AWARDS 2011

COMING SOON:  The winners will be announced, cheered and revered at Chicago Theatre Off Book’s

2011 HONOR AWARDS on February 28th, 8pm-10pm at The Oracle Theatre  3809 N. Broadway.

2011 Honor Award Nominees 

Best Choreography

  • Kevin Bellie:  “Urinetown,” Circle Theatre
  • Jim Corti:  “The Original Grease,” American Theatre Company
  • Mike Ford:  “Corazon de Manzana,” Mortar Theatre
  • Steven Hoggett: “Black Watch,” Chicago Shakespeare’s World Series, National Theatre of Scotland
  • Nicole Pellegrino: “Spring Awakening,” Griffin Theatre

 Best Musical Direction

  • Austin Cook: “Putting It Together,” Porchlight Theatre
  • Roberta Duchak:  “The Original Grease,” American Theatre Company
  • Brad Haak:  “Follies,” Chicago Shakespeare Theater
  • Alison Kane:  “Spring Awakening,” Griffin Theatre
  • Douglas Pack:  “Porgy & Bess,” Court Theatre

 Supporting Actress

  • Marissa Cowsill:  “The Trestle at Pope Creek,” Eclipse Theatre
  • Rae Gray:  “Circle Mirror of Transformation,” Victory Gardens
  • Yunun Pardo: “El Nogalar,” Goodman Theatre
  • Hayley Rice:  “The Women,” Circle Theatre
  • Katherine Swan: “A Touch of the Poet,” The Artistic Home

 Best Costume

  • Aly Renee Amidei: “Watership Down,” Lifeline Theatre
  • Virgil Johnson:  “Follies,” Chicago Shakespeare Theater
  • Joanne Melville:  “The Master and Margarita,” Strawdog Theatre
  • Susan Mickey:  “The Madness of George III,” Chicago Shakespeare Theatre
  • Heidi Jade Warriner:  “The Double,” Babes with Blades

 Best Playwright with a Premiere

  • Philip Dawkins:  “The Homosexuals,” About Face Theatre
  • Barbara Lhota:   “The Double,” Babes with Blades
  • Caitlin Montanye Parrish:  “A Twist of Water,” Route 66 Theatre Company
  • Tanya Saracho:  “El Nogalar,” Goodman Theatre
  • Christopher Walsh:  “Count of Monte Cristo,” Lifeline Theatre

 Supporting Actor

  • Craig Cunningham:  “Feet of Clay,” Last Match Theatre
  • Rob Glidden:  “Hamlet,” DreamLogic Theatreworks
  • Jesse Manson:  “Watership Down,” LifeLine Theatre 
  • Steve Pickering:  “A Girl with Sun in Her Eyes,” Pine Box Theatre
  • Steve Thomas:  “Soul Samurai,” Infusion Theatre

 Best Sound Design

  • Joseph Frosco:  “The New Electric Ballroom,” A Red Orchid Theatre
  • Gareth Fry:  “Black Watch,” Chicago Shakespeare’s World Series, National Theatre of Scotland
  • Andrew Hansen:  “In Darfur,” TimeLine Theatre
  • Miles Polaski:  “The Kid Thing,” About Face Theatre
  • James Savage:  “Murder for Two – A Killer Musical,” Chicago Shakespeare Theatre

 Best Light Design

  • Brian Sidney Bemridge: “The Big Meal,” American Theatre Company
  • Heather Gilbert:  “The Caretaker,” Writers Theatre
  • Jesse Klug and Nic Jones:  “In Darfur,” Timeline Theatre
  • Jesse Klug:  “Snapshots,” Northlight Theatre
  • Keith Parham:  “Red,” Goodman Theatre

 Best Scenic Design

  • Jack Magaw:  “The Caretaker,” Writers Theatre
  • Jacqueline and Richard Penrod:  “Good Night Moon,” Chicago Children’s Theatre
  • Collette Pollard:  “Front Page,” Timeline Theatre
  • Todd Rosenthal:  “Clybourne Park,” Steppenwolf Theatre
  • Grant Sabin:  “Circle Mirror of Transformation,” Victory Gardens
  • Joe Schermoly:  “The Ugly One,” SideShow Theatre

 Best Actress 

  • Elizabeth Argus: “A Touch of the Poet,” The Artistic Home
  • Lisa Herceg: “The Double,” Babes with Blades Theatre Company
  • Sadieh Rifia: “Amish Project,” American Theatre Company           
  • Lana Smithner: “MacBeth,” Roadside Productions
  • Aja Wiltshire: “Spring Awakening,” Griffin Theatre

 Best Actor 

  • Frank Nall:  “A Touch of the Poet,” The Artistic Home
  • Josh Salt:  “Spring Awakening,” Griffin Theatre
  • Jack Sharkey:  “Hamlet,” DreamLogic Theatreworks
  • Dave Skvarla:  “The Lion in Winter,” Idle Muse Theatre
  • Dan Waller:  “Pitman Painters,” TimeLine Theatre

  Best Ensemble 

  • “The Double,” Babes with Blades
  • “Hamlet,” DreamLogic Theatreworks
  • “Red Light Winter,” Mary Arrchie Theatre
  • “A Touch of Poet,” The Artistic Home
  • “Watership Down,” LifeLine Theatre 

 Best Director

  • Leigh Barrett: “The Double,” Babes with Blades
  • Jonathan Berry: “Spring Awakening,” Griffin Theatre
  • Evan Jackson:  “The Lion in Winter,” Idle Muse Theatre
  • Anish Jethmalani:  “One Flea Spare,” Eclipse Theatre
  • Kathy Scambiatterra:  “A Touch of the Poet,” The Artistic Home

 Best of Show

  • “Clybourne Park,” Steppenwolf Theatre
  • “The Double,” Banes with Blades
  • “Spring Awakening,” Griffin Theatre
  • “A Touch of the Poet,” The Artistic Home
  • “The Ugly One,” SideShow Theatre




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