St. Nicholas (Seanachai Theatre Company): One Critic Show Draws Blood

The acerbic theatre critic (Steve Pickering) in Seanachai’s production of "St. Nicholas" by Conor McPherson, directed by Matt Miller, at The Irish American Heritage Center. Photograph courtesy of Michael Grant.

Once upon a time, I reviewed this show.  I became obsessed with an actor.  So, I crashed the cast party.  I got so totally wasted that I passed out in the park.  When I woke up, I stumbled into a house of vampires.  Alright, so it didn’t really happen to ME but it’s someone’s story.  Or is it?

Seanachai Theatre Company, in conjunction with Shanghai Low Theatricals, presents St. Nicholas.  A theatre critic confesses the reality of his profession.  He is a hack and a drunk.  People fear him because he can ‘string words together.’  His reviews destroy!  His wife, his children, his peers think he’s a bollocks.  And he thinks they are all c#nts.  One night, after phoning in a scathing review, he decides to get his drink on.  The cast and crew arrive in the bar to celebrate.  Attracted to an actor, he drunkenly joins their merriment.  To get them to like him, he lies.  He tells them he loved their show.  Artwork for Seanachai's "St. Nicholas," by Man-SoloThe grateful theatre company enfolds him into their celebration.  For a moment or a few hours, he pretends to be an honorable man of positive influence.  The problem?  He’s a drunken liar!  When the print hits the streets, the truth spirals him into a house of bloodsuckers.  Not to be confused with holiday offerings, St. Nicholas is no Santa Claus.

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