"Secret Garden" (Light Opera Works): Dark, Sad and eventually Wondrous!

Maggie Portman, Steve Peebles, Matthew Schroeder, Nick Foster, Sophie Thatcher


A novel, two movies and a Tony Award-winning musical, “The Secret Garden” is a classic.  Even if the story is a hazy memory, most people recognize the title.  Although author Frances Hodgson Burnett penned her original tale for children, this current production leans more symbolically sophisticated than playfully whimsical.

Light Opera Works presents The Secret Garden. Mary Lennox has survived a cholera epidemic in India.  The orphan is transplanted to her uncle’s house in England.  The household is dealing with its own plague.  The uncle is disabled with grief over his wife’s death.  His crippled son is imprisoned by archaic medical treatment.  When Mary Lennox stumbles on a neglected garden, she finds the key to unlocking her relatives’ unhappiness.  The Secret Garden is dark and sad but eventually blooms into something wondrous.

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