"Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer" (Hell in a Handbag Productions): Cerda's *Naughty* Side of Xmas

Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer 015

Every year, I see a lot of *nice* holiday shows.  And maybe just one *naughty* one! 

Hell in a Handbag Productions presents Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer.  Playwright David Cerda takes the beloved children’s classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and slaps some ruffled red panties on it.  It’s a little familiar and a whole lot funny.  There are the traditional; Donner and his wife, Sam the Snowman, and Herbie the Elf.  Then, there are the timeless characters with a twist…twisted to hysterical perversion. Rudolph is a transvestite.  Santa is a perv.  Mrs. Claus is a booze-hag.  The elves are circuit slaves.  This is not your normal Christmas story.  It’s the abnormal one!  Rudolph the Red-Hosed Reindeer struts its raunchy, dirty underwear with campy pride.    Read the rest of review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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