"A Christmas Story the Musical" (Chicago Theatre): Visually Spectacular AND Obstructed!

John Bolton and company

A reviewer’s job is to tell theatre-goers what s/he saw.  Well, from Aisle 2, Seat KK 318, I only saw 66% of A Christmas Story the Musical!.  This was my first play in the legendary Chicago Theatre since the 1990‘s Donny Osmond’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  For that show, I sat in the balcony without any sight issues.  I imagine that would be true for this show too.  The prime seats are center, main floor.  On the seating chart, I’d say the problem starts in either sections 3-Right or 3-Left and progressively gets worse moving to the sides of the building.  This impacts John Bolton, Andrew Cristi and Rachel Bay Jones - A Christmas Story2R/2L on into the Grinches-in-the-making in 1R/1L.  The issue is the stage is deep, so, any activity taking place further back is completely lost to the side aisles.  In addition, the narrator and his foley artist are perched on either side of the stage frame further obstructing the view. The technique is to give a radio show feel.  Well, for me and hundreds of patrons, the irony of that decision loses the humorous angle.

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